How this 100-year-old stays sharp.

I wouldn’t be posting this video if this woman didn’t sound sharper than anyone even remotely close to her age that I’ve met, but she does. Now it’s not necessarily the games that have kept her this way, she may have just always been bright and never slowed down, but there have been many, many accounts of games like these keeping your brain function going.

She’s playing a Nintendo DS and from the sounds of it one of the most prominent games she plays is Brain Age along with several other math/puzzle/educational games. She mentions that if kids had these games to play with in school in place of other games that they play, they could be using that time to continue their learning efforts. I’ve played these games, they are fun, they’ll tell you things about the way you think that you didn’t already know. I really do think kids could benefit by having more of these brain games available in their lives. Just throwing it out there.

How this 100-year-old stays sharp

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