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Lava Crater Collapses

Watching this video it’s hard to imagine that this actually took place on our planet. We can modernize our lives and build all the sky scrapers we want but it doesn’t change the fact that this planet is a constantly evolving rock that we’re just lucky enough to be able to survive o[...]

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ACL Surgery Explained

If you’ve ever followed a sport, you’re probably aware of a particular injury that can ruin a season and possibly harm someone’s career. I’m talking about the ACL tear. It’s a painful knee injury that these days requires surgery and a lengthy recovery period. However be[...]

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Persuasion mind trick: How to impress in meetings

Here’s a quick video that gives a little insight in to how the subconscious mind works. While this obviously doesn’t show an absolute truth when it comes to decision making I can’t help but feel just a small percentage of my decision making happens in this way. Embed This Video[...]

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The Known Universe

Ever wanted to feel tiny and insignificant? Well this video is just for you. Experience the full depth of the known universe as you are taken from Earth to the far reaches you’ve never even dreamed of. Embed This Video[...]

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Sprinter vs. Marathoner

We all now that a sprinter and a long distance runner will both train in different ways, but maybe not exactly why and how. This video does a great job of showing us the different kinds of muscles we can work out and how they help us. Embed This Video[...]

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Stop the phantom traffic jams!

Phantom traffic jams have the unique effect of both fascinating and infuriating me. I always knew there had to be some pseudo-scientific or mathematic reason for it but I never took the time to figure it out. Thankfully last night I stumbled upon some videos that explain the very phenomenon. This is[...]