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Birdly: Taking flight with Oculus Rift

Dear Santa, Yes please.

Birdly – Teaser from maxR on Vimeo.

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The deepest hole ever made

This is the kind of stuff that really fascinates me, and I and no idea this thing even existed. It’s a miles deep hole that took over 20 years to dig and while technically they didn’t meet their goal, we were still able learn some interesting things about our planet that we didn’t [...]

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Progress in Google’s self-driving car project.

Here’s a great look at how far Google has come with their self-driving car technology. I had a hard time thinking the car could do much more than follow lanes and look out for stop lights, but to see how it analyzes and identifies every object around it is pretty amazing. If they can make [&he[...]

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Shakespeare in its original dialect

It doesn’t seem quite right that some of the most important literature we have is viewed from such a modern perspective. Obviously people still get value out of just reading something as it makes sense to them, but there’s no doubt that some of that value gets lost without the context of[...]

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SpaceX full simulated demonstration.

I’ve posted a few videos of some small SpaceX tests before but I have yet to see a full demonstration of the sequence of events from launch to retrieval. Obviously this is just an animation but I think this makes it pretty clear that SpaceX can seriously advance our methods of getting in to sp[...]

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Crash Course: Intro to Psychology

Crash Course is back! This time, tackling the mental science of Psychology. Don’t forget to check out their numerous other series as well. Embed This Video[...]

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Lava Crater Collapses

Watching this video it’s hard to imagine that this actually took place on our planet. We can modernize our lives and build all the sky scrapers we want but it doesn’t change the fact that this planet is a constantly evolving rock that we’re just lucky enough to be able to survive o[...]